Rahmanov Rashad Vagifovich is doctor-psycho-therapist, reflex-therapist, has been working in the neurosis unit at Dnepropetrovsk Regional Psycho-neurologic hospital, he also consults and treats patients in the consulting room of oriental reflex-therapy.

In his work with patients doctor Rahmanov R.V. uses non-medicinal treatment methods (reflex-therapy, individual psychotherapy, physiotherapy), these method allow to reduce the number of the drugs administered (psychotropic, pain-relieving, hormonal).

This site presents articles written by Dr. R. Rahmanov in an easy accessible format and published them to the public.

«Up-to-date medicine again refers to natural treatment methods, which restore and activate defensive mechanisms of the organism. Method of reflex-therapy is more than 2000 years old, using it in my practice I have strong evidence that this method does not give in to modern treatment methods, therewith it does not have side-effects, typical for hormonal, psychotropic or pain-relieving medicinal agents.

Efficacy of reflex-therapy in many ways depends on doctor’s qualification, his/her knowledge, techniques of sessions performed. Classic acupuncture by the degree of influence on biologically active points is the most powerful; using reflex-therapy competently it is possible to treat a wide range of illnesses.

You need not buy arsenal of medicinal agents at a chemist’s to get rid of sleeplessness, to relieve nervous state or pain, reflex-therapy can help you.»

Look after yourself! Refer to specialists in time.
Rahmanov R.V.
In the year 2010 UNESCO included reflex-therapy into the List of humanity’s legacy