Tunnel disease

This disease develops in people, whose work is linked with the prolonged work with a computer. Using computer key-board or “mouse”, after pressing of key it comes up and strikes tip of finger. It occurs imperceptibly and quite painlessly, but imagine, how many hundreds or thousands of beats our fingers suffer it, plus constant static loading on the same muscles, a great number of monotonous movements of hand with excessive curve of wrist. As a result of this tunnel disease develops, it is manifested by pain in fingers and wrist, edemas and numbness of arm, acute pain in the area of wrist. With the course of time weakening of fingers and arms develops, an attempt of rising more or less heavy object leads to development of burning pain in the wrist joint. Tenderness and numbness of palms makes you to wake up even during sleep. A person with developed tunnel syndrome may loss ability to work for several months or even several years’ period.

Similar symptoms develop in persons actively using key-board of mobile phones. What is more, incorrect bearing and tension of vision while working with computer lead to development of ache in the spinal column, muscles of neck, chest, itching in the eye area, muscular twitching, winking of eyelids, headaches, vertigo, increased fatigue, general discomfort.

That is why, don’t forget about prophylaxis, have breaks during a day to give rest to muscles of hands, neck and eyes. Reflex-therapy(acupuncture), which decreases inflammatory lesions of tendons and arm nerves, improves blood circulation, relieves muscular tension and edemas, pains in the spinal column and headaches, strengthens vision, increases general tonus and defensive of the whole organism are related to preventive measures.


Look after yourself! Refer to specialists in time.
Rahmanov R.V.