Dear inhabitants of the city of Dnipropetrovsk and guests.

Consulting room of oriental reflex therapy has been working in Dnipropetrovsk since the year 2003. The main trend of our work is restoration of proper reserves and defense mechanisms in the fight against disease. In our work we use basic and the most effective method of oriental reflex-therapy classic acupuncture.

In the consulting room every day consultations and treatment of the following disorders is carried out:

  • vegetative-vascular dystonias (vertigo, malaise, early fatigue, fluctuations of arterial pressure (AP), tremor, perspiration, nausea, breathlessness);
  • headaches (migraines);
  • pathologies of support-motor apparatus (osteochondrosis, herniation of intervertebral disk, arthritis);
  • neuroses (anxiety, fears, irritability, alarm, sleep disorders);
  • depressions (despondency, oppression, disinclination to do anything);
  • diseases of respiratory organs and allergies (bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis).

Nowadays to be healthy and stay healthy – is a hard work both for a person and for his/her doctor. If you have problems with your health – visit us, our methods of treatment, our knowledge and long-term experience obligatory will help you to fight against disease.

Look after yourself! Refer to specialists in time.
Rahmanov R.V.