Asthma is suffocation by various nature. Basic cause of asthma development is a chronic inflammation of respiratory ways, which is followed by changes of bronchi sensitivity to various allergens. Allergens, taking part in asthma development are divided into two big groups: infectious and non-infectious. Home (domestic and library dust, feather of pillow), dermal (hair of animals, human hair) alimentary, pollen medical, etc. are related to non-infectious allergens. The most significant allergens of infectious character are strepto- and staphylococci, various fungi.

During asthma attack spasm of smooth masculature of bronchi develops, edema and hyper-secretion lead to indirect changes of bronchi lumen. Attack of asthma may be of sudden onset, rales, cough and breathlessness develop. Rales are heard especially on breathing out. In other cases attack develops slowly with gradual worsening. An attack may end in some minutes, but may continue during several hours or days. Itching in the chest or neck area is an early appearing symptom, especially in children. Sometimes dry cough at night or on physical exertion may be the only symptom.

Asthma course depends on various factors, the basic ones are state of immune, nervous, endocrine systems, infections of respiratory organs. Climate, soil, height above the sea level also cause incidence of asthma. As an example, low cloud conditions, cyclones, displacement of fronts of big airy masses cause asthma attacks more than twice as compared to quiet weather. Some asthma patients suffer from increased sensitivity to cold or warmth, it should be spoken about individual climate to each patient. Asthma is really dangerous disease and may cause loss of ability to work for a long period of time.

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Rahmanov R.V.