Migraine (hemicrania) is a chronic disease with episodes of exacerbation of headache attacks. It may be with aura – of peculiar kind, stereotype sensations, appearing immediately before the attack: flickers before the eyes, flashes of light, perversion in perception of surrounding world, numbness of extremities, peculiar sensations in the stomach, etc. But more often pain attack starts suddenly, without precursors or aura. Sometimes after aura headache does not develop.

Migraine is very prevalent disease. Its incidence falls on the most productive age that is 20 - 55 years.  90% of persons suffering from migraine had the first disease attack at the age before 40. Assessment of quality of life in patients suffering from migraine is lower than in patients suffering from other chronic diseases, as ache may happen at any moment, and these persons live in constant fear of attack, which disturbs their ability to work.

Ii is proved that migraine has family predisposition. Genetic influence is especially noted in case of migraine with aura. It is considered that if migraine attacks have been noted in both of patient’s parents, risk of the disease in descendents reaches 60-90%. It is established that gens defining metabolism of mono-amines, serotonin in particular participates in migraine development.

Application of reflex therapy significantly alleviates headache, without aggravating consequences as compared to potent drugs. The researches have shown, that due to application of acupuncture in the treatment of headaches and migraine, the following positive changes as: reduced incidence and severity of headache, decrease in number of medications, and very often a complete treatment cessation, increase of general tonus and protective defense of the organism.

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Rahmanov R.V.