In a modern world due to urbanization, low motor activity, changes in regimen and quality of nutrition, worsening of ecologic conditions of the environment, 80% of the world’s population suffers from spinal osteochondrosis. Marked clinical manifestations of the disease are observed in the period of active labor activity (20-55 years).

Depending on the prevalent localization of pathologic process there are distinguished cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis. Main clinical manifestation of osteochondrosis is linked with the lesion of structure of vertebrae as such: so-called vertebral syndromes – according to part of the spinal column they are called as cervicalgia (cervical osteochondrosis), dorsalgia (thoracic one) and lumbalgia (lumbar osteochondrosis). A big group of extra-spinal syndromes – neurodystrophic, neurovascular and muscular-tonic are distinguished as well.

Main complaints in osteochondrosis are pains in the impaired part of the spinal column, which may be of shooting or bursting character, prolonged dull ache. Pain becomes worse on moving, physical exertion, cough, sneezing, overcooling. Patient takes a forced position (becomes stiff in a pose, happened during attack of pain). Pain, motor and other disorders may involve muscles of the back, chest, abdominal area, upper and lower extremities, head area. Patient complains of pain (ache) and feeling of numbness in the upper and lower extremities, headaches, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, faints, pain/ache in the heart area, pains and burning feeling in the abdominal area, organs of small pelvis. Due to the compression of arteries, blood-circulation in the extremities is disturbed, muscular dystrophia develops.

Modern medicine possesses a big arsenal of means for treating spinal column diseases. Application of reflex-therapy in case of osteochondrosis gives significant pain relief without aggravating consequences (as distinct from drastic, pain-killing medicinal agents), it decreases inflammatory lesion of nerves, stops muscular tension and edemas, betters blood-circulation, rises general tonus and defense systems of the organism.

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Rahmanov R.V.